Digha is undoubtedly one of the most visited destinations for the people of West Bengal. Thus,
people always look for a comfortable zone, especially in case of hotels over there. If the hotel is
equipped with all the features and facilities you are looking for along with roof top cafe with hookah lounge, it’s an added gift for the trip at Digha.

A new cafe to mesmerize you

Best Digha Hotels are ample in number but you would always prefer something extra that others
cannot offer. And it goes without saying that at Hotel Coral, we definitely cater to all your
desires and satiate your tastes. We have come up with a glitzy new café called Cafe Blue Haze
exclusively in our hotel which is something you would surely love to drop in.This comes with roof top cafe with hookah lounge.

Facilities given by Cafe blue haze at hotel coral

  1. Main attraction of this café is an exclusive  roof top ambiance. And we have the facilities of hookah lounge. This is something you definitely would not like to miss.
  2. Since our hotel is also one of the top Corporate Hotels in Digha, we didn’t compromise with the quality of the features that the café required. You would get amazing food and snacks to have a great evening spent at the café. The roof top Hookah lounge is a great attraction and gives a pleasant ambiance.
  3. Our café serves great varieties of sea food and offers are also implemented over hookah.We also provide unique offers on the food and hookah on a special festive occasion night.
  4. The café has a soothing ambiance yet juxtaposed with night club features. This is definitely a newentry in Digha. You can relax  just the way you want and have a better and more relaxing experience in Digha like never before..

The features that we offer at Hotel Coral have always been exclusive and quite lucrative. Now we certainly have an amazing sensational addition to our features and that is Café Blue Haze.
Just don’t give it a miss! Come and experience delectable food with hookah on the roof top of cafe blue haze. Then your Digha trip will be more exciting from now onwards as we are offering something very exotic that has never been experienced before in Digha!

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